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This site is not about all the wonderful things you can do on your mat.

Its not about  evident and obvious health benefits of Yoga practice.

Its not about "hip openers"  or 134 different ways of getting into a perfect handstand...

I believe that the true way to understand if Yoga practice actually works for you - is not by the progress you make on the mat... 

It is not about getting better at  Yoga. 

The true progress shows in your daily life off the mat.  

Its  in your attitudes. In the quality of your relationship with the world around you and with your very self.


Being thrilled with how my life has changed and keeps changing since Yoga practice became a solid part of it, here I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings, inspirations and frustrations, observations and experiences I go through  on this self quest journey. 

about me

Anna Tkachenko. 500hr YA certified Teacher.



Originally from Ukraine, now happily settled in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Completed my Teacher Training in 2013, at Sivananda Yoga ashram in India, where I decide to stay as a teacher for 2 years. 

Later I continued teaching at TheLifeCo, the well - being center in Thailand Phuket. 

(Here you can learn more about my journey in Yoga) 

With teaching experience of over 1500 hours, with most of my students being beginners,  I understood that the starting point in this life transforming practice is very important. 

And I help those that are looking for changes, for the ways of improving life quality, those that are hesitating for some reason to start a Yoga practice, or those that already had a frustrating experience and thinking to give it a second chance, to make a safe and stress - free entrance into Yoga,

Whether its physical practice (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayam), meditation or philosophy of Yoga, I design the classes to attend your personality’s unique needs and abilities at the given moment,  by making the practice just as unique as You are. 

I help building a solid and confident foundation, on top of which you can continue growing your practice to any level and in any style you ever decide to walk this lifechanging path.

practice with me

type of classes

Hatha Yoga - Sivananda Yoga tradition.

personal training program at

Suadiye, Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey


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